GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download Updated v17.76 Login Fixed (June 2024)

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Due to the increasing speed of social media apps and the internet, every person wants to get the best and privacy-rich app for chatting, using which he can remain safe and connected to his privacy. So after eliminating all the chatting apps, we all found a very amazing app, the official WhatsApp. With the coming existence of WhatsApp, people have gotten a lot of happiness and have also got a lot of peace and comfort in the matter of chatting. But after using it for a long time, every person felt that this app is also not for us, rather this app does not have all the features that every person wants in it. So some developers have created a modified version of WhatsApp which is called GB WhatsApp Pro, it provides you a lot of features and extreme convenience along with very strict privacy.

We are talking about GB WhatsApp, it is the only application that has made such a place among the people in a very short time that no new or old application can come and change its place. Because WhatsApp has provided such great facilities to every person that no other app has provided till date. We will tell you in detail about all the features of this WhatsApp. So that you can get more information about it and you can also download it and use it properly. Along with this, let us tell you that this is a modified version which has been developed by a third party, so some people say that the data and all the information of this app has been leaked to you. Therefore, whenever you use this application, first check it thoroughly so that you do not have any doubt related to it. And you have to be very careful while using it.

So that you can never have any problem with this. Now in further information we are going to tell you some special things about it. Like what features you get to see in this app and from where and how you can download this application. To know more information, you will have to stay with our article till the end so that you can know all the information about it properly and you can do it very easily with this application. Are you curious about the latest GB WhatsApp download update and exciting features? This comprehensive guide is your go-to resource for all things GB WhatsApp. Whether you want to download an APK, learn about new features, or find answers to common questions, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to harness the full potential of WhatsApp with GB WhatsApp Apk!

Know About Special Download Information of GB WhatsApp Pro

App NameGB WhatsApp Pro
Size 75.7 MB
CategoryChatting App
CommunicationSocial Media
Price Free of Cost
Last UpdateApril 2024
Total Download1B+
Get it OnGoogle (
RootNO Root
Compatible withAndroid 5.1+
File Type Mod Apk (Extra Feature)

What is GB WhatsApp, Its Other Information, and History?

GBWhatsApp is the oldest app copy of WhatsApp that has been generally updated to date. This is another impressively customized version of WhatsApp. There are many apps available in the market like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. In which WhatsApp is quite popular due to its features, but know WhatsApp’s app with extra features has also arrived. It is a great app for the users and has advanced features. Which is very useful for people. GBWhatsApp APK serves as a customized WhatsApp modification that offers many professional features. The popular messaging program GB WhatsApp Pro, which is widely used around the world. Additionally it has privacy controls as well as customized options for hidden functionality.

What is GB WhatsApp, Its Other Information And Its History
What is GB WhatsApp, Its Other Information And Its History

Without affecting the stock WhatsApp, this customized version of the software runs best on both operating systems and all platforms including Android, iOS, personal computers, Fire TV, etc. Keeping its past in mind, the Facebook company made all the basic files for WhatsApp Messenger available as open-source software in late 2016. Now anyone can use those codes to develop a messaging service that competes with WhatsApp. An Android developer from the Arab world named Atnfas_hoak, better known as Omar. Uses those codes to create a chat application that connects directly to WhatsApp’s native database. Although he created this mobile application for entertainment. But it is interesting to note that it offers more features than WhatsApp when initially released and it has more than 100k users after one year of usage.

How to Migrate from the Default WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp Pro

If you are an official WhatsApp user and now want to use GB WhatsApp but you are facing the problem of how and where to keep your data, then let us tell you that you can migrate your official WhatsApp data to GB WhatsApp. Can do. That too very comfortably. You just need to follow the information given below so that all your data will be migrated to GB WhatsApp, then you can use GB WhatsApp Pro.

  • You need to backup your communication history on GB WhatsApp app first.
  • Go to Conversations options and select Chat Backup option under GB WhatsApp settings.
  • Next make a backup of your conversations and media as you will need them to recover the messages later.
  • Once the backup is finished you can update the WhatsApp name in your file manager.
  • Now select “Restore button” when asked to restore the backed up conversations.
  • Depending on the extent of data, the restore will complete in a short time.

Bug Fixes

  • Black ticks color corrected.
  • Playstore update message issue resolved.
  • Updates page gap fixed.
  • Random crash when using IG status addressed.
  • Group names color corrected.
  • Avatar creation crash fixed.
  • 5-minute status option restored.

How to Fix Log In Issue?

After developers resolved the login issue, it seems the WhatsApp company updated its ban policy over the weekend and randomly blocked users and asked them to switch to “official WhatsApp.” Although this blocking is not for all users, some users may experience this issue. However, in response to countless users wanting to protect their privacy on WhatsApp, the developers will continue to find solutions and share the fixed version with you in time. Developer ZacMods provides a solution so that GBWhatsApp can be logged in normally. After our verification, this GBWhatsApp version is 100% able to log in normally and is unrestricted again. What’s more noteworthy is that previous GBWhatsApp chat messages are still present after logging in. Therefore, we developed a new version of GBWhatsApp based on the version provided by ZacMods. Currently this is the only new version in the entire network that can successfully log in after a banned account.

How to Fix “You need the official WhatsApp to log in” Problem?

Recently many users of different versions of WhatsApp have faced the “You need official WhatsApp to log in” issue. Due to which they are being prevented from accessing their WhatsApp accounts which has caused a lot of concern and due to this problem people are facing a lot of trouble. But don’t worry we have good news for you. We provide you with a brand new secure version that will not be banned. The developers have created a great workaround that lets GBWhatsApp users get back into their accounts as if they never left.

And get this After putting it through our rigorous test-drive we can confirm that this refreshed version of GBWhatsApp is completely login-friendly. And is immune from those dangerous sanctions. Work has been done on this by creating a better version of GBWhatsApp. And here’s the kicker so far this baby is the only new version on the entire web that can revive a banned account with a victorious seamless log-in. Apart from this, let us tell you that if you want to log in to your GB WhatsApp account, then you will have to read the information given below very carefully.

How To Fix "You need the official WhatsApp to log in" Problem?
How To Fix “You need the official WhatsApp to log in” Problem?
  • First of all you have to open your WhatsApp. After opening it, you have to “agree and continue” on the interface that appears in front of you.
Click Agree And Continue
Click Agree And Continue
  • After doing this, when you reach the next step, an interface will open in front of you where you will be asked to enter your number but, you do not have to enter your number. You will see 3 dots on the top, you just have to click on it.
Click On Thee Dots
Click On Thee Dots
  • After clicking on the three dots, a pop-up will open in front of you, in which you will have two options but you have to click on “Link as company device”
click on Link as companion device
click on Link as companion device
  • After doing this, a QR will appear in front of you which you will have to scan from your WhatsApp itself (from the number from which you want to create GB WhatsApp Pro). To scan it you have to go to your official WhatsApp, click on the three dots linked. Device must be selected. Click Link a Device. And you have to scan the QR that comes to you. Once scanned, your official WhatsApp will be included in Full GB WhatsApp. And you can convert it into GB WhatsApp and run it.
Scan This QR
Scan This QR

Permissions Requirements

  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Microphone Access
  • Camera Access (for Video Calls)
  • Storage Access
  • Read Messages
  • Contacts Access

Greatest Features Of GB WhatsApp Pro

Smooth Interface


In GB WhatsApp, you get a very beautiful interface in which many types of things and some new features are also visible. In this interface you get other great features including an airplane twist, option to light and dark the theme, search bar, camera and three dots. Whereas you do not get to see such features in official WhatsApp. For this reason people use WhatsApp very little.

Advance Option Of Three Dots:-

  • Share GB Whatsapp:- Through this option you can directly share GB WhatsApp with your friends and colleagues. So that they can also know about this great application and they can also enjoy the great features of this application.
  • GBSettings:-This option gives you many features ranging from making changes to WhatsApp to hiding your advanced privacy, about which we have written in the paragraph below.
  • Feedback:- Through this option, you can convey maximum problems related to your WhatsApp to its owner. So that your problem can be solved.
  • Message Scheduler:- Scheduling WhatsApp messages can be a real lifesaver if you want to send a message at a specified time in the future. It can facilitate more convenient communication. Sadly, WhatsApp has no built-in scheduling feature. Scheduling messages on WhatsApp is a convenient feature. Which allows users to compose messages using the personalized automation feature and set a specific date and time for the messages to be sent automatically.
  • Auto Reply:- Auto Reply is a feature in WhatsApp that allows you to automatically send preset replies to messages when you are unable to respond immediately. This ensures that your customers get instant engagement, which will improve customer service efficiency. Being offline, we are completely unaware of their messages. The auto-reply message feature in GB WhatsApp helps you stay connected at all times.
  • Restart GB Whatsapp:- To restart GBWhatsapp, simply close the app completely, disable the internet connection, then click on the app from the home interface of your mobile device to restart it. By doing this, your WhatsApp gets completely refreshed so that there is no problem in using it.
  • Message a Number:- This feature is very amazing, through this feature you can send direct message to the person whose number you never want to save in your phone.
  • Mass Message Sender:-It’s like sending a message that reaches multiple people’s phones at the same time. WhatsApp bulk message campaigns offer a number of benefits that make them an attractive opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience.
  • New Group, The definition of bulk WhatsApp messages is quite simple. They are messages sent on WhatsApp to a large number of subscribers at the same time. WhatsApp bulk messaging is a simple yet effective way used by businesses to contact leads.
  • Starred Messages:-The starred messages feature allows you to bookmark specific messages so you can quickly refer back to them later. Open the chat then tap and hold the message you want to star.
  • Settings:- With this option you can change your WhatsApp account.

Privacy And Security


This feature of GB WhatsApp is a very great feature, it gives you advanced privacy so that you can remain safe from your chats to the entire WhatsApp. And along with this, you can also make many changes in your WhatsApp through this feature. We have given a list below in which information about its privacy is written.

All Hiding Option:-

  • Freeze Last Seen:- With this option of GB WhatsApp you can show yourself that you have been offline for a long time. If you want me to be online continuously and no one should know how long I am online then you must use this feature. By using this feature you can freeze your last scene. Whenever you freeze your last scene, your last scene will always be shown at the time you froze it.
  • Hide Blue Tick:- Apart from not allowing yourself to be seen online, you can also do this so that even if you see someone’s message, he will not know whether you have seen his message or not. Hiding the blue tick relieves you from the dilemma of whether someone will see whether you are online at the moment or not. Along with this, it has many other features which you will be very happy to hear about. So stay with us till the end and read the information given below carefully.
  • Hide Second Tick:-Hiding the blue tick in GB WhatsApp is a very small thing. You can also hide your second tick in WhatsApp, this will benefit you if you ask any of your friends or colleagues to hide that you have not come online for a long time nor have you received any message, If anyone sends you a message through this feature, he will feel that your data is currently off. And the message has not reached you yet.
  • Hide Blue Microphone:- By enabling this option you can prevent others from knowing when you have listened to their voice messages. A microphone for voice messages that are not played by all recipients. A blue microphone. For voice messages that are played by all recipients.
  • Hide Typing:- The most amazing thing about this WhatsApp is that you can also hide your typing in it. Typing Hide gives you many benefits, one of which is that if you want to hide it from any of your friends, you can send them a text message and they don’t even know, so this feature is very special for you. To use it you have to download this WhatsApp.
  • Hide Recording:- Along with hiding your messages, you can also hide your recordings. With this, if you want to send your voice note to anyone silently, then use this feature. This is going to be very wonderful and useful for you.
  • Who can Call Me:- If you are worried that you get a lot of calls on WhatsApp or some unknown person calls you. Now you do not need to worry about this, GB WhatsApp has found a solution to this problem of yours as well. Now in GB WhatsApp you can choose who can call you tomorrow and who can’t. Along with this, you can also block your calls on WhatsApp so that no one can call you.
  • Disable Forwarded:- In normal WhatsApp, if someone has messaged you and then you send that message to your other friend, then your friend comes to know whether this message has been forwarded or written on that message. But this is not the case in WhatsApp, if you do this then no one will know that you have sent back the message sent by someone. GB WhatsApp provides many features that make you look cool in the eyes of others.
  • Anti-Delete Message:- Among all the features of GB WhatsApp, this feature is the most popular and amazing feature. This feature is very special for every person. What happens in this is that if someone has messaged you, you have not even seen him till then. Even if that person has deleted that message, that message will always be visible to you because GB WhatsApp Pro allows it to do so. Talking about official WhatsApp, there is no such feature in it. This is why people like WhatsApp so much.
  • Show Blue Tick After Reply:- WhatsApp’s blue tick feature is an important aspect of modern communication offering a read receipt function that notifies senders when their messages have been read. This feature, while useful, raises concerns about privacy and the need for discretion in reading messages. You can use this feature to show that someone has sent you a message and that message will not be visible until you reply to it.
  • Hide View Status:- This feature is very important for every person. If you want that you can see anyone’s status without them even knowing then there is no need to think too much, download GB WhatsApp now and enjoy its best features. If we talk about normal WhatsApp then you do not get anything like this in it.
  • Anti Delete Status:- Along with hide view status, you also get a feature in it in which you can see anyone’s deleted message at any time. GB WhatsApp comes with these great features which has made a very important place in the market.
Greatest Features Of Gb Whatsapp Pro
Greatest Features Of Gb Whatsapp Pro



If you are still an official WhatsApp user, you should know that in official WhatsApp you only get a limited number of themes. People are quite bored after seeing this. But GB WhatsApp gives you many themes to do this, not only this but if you do not like GB WhatsApp’s own theme then you can download the theme from Google and apply it on your WhatsApp. By doing this your WhatsApp will get a different look and will also look more attractive. And applying its theme on WhatsApp is also very easy, you can change the theme of your WhatsApp very easily.


You get many options to make changes in this feature of GB WhatsApp, the list of which we have given below. Using all these features, you can make many changes in your WhatsApp from settings to launcher icon. Not only this, you can also change your notification icon in this WhatsApp. Below we have given complete information about its features, which you will have to read very carefully so that you can know about it well.


  • Universal Colors:- Changes Color everywhere, include UI
  • Universal ActionBar Text Color:-Changes the color of the Actionbar on all screens
  • Background:-Changes color of the Background. Default is white
  • List Background (One UI ONLY):- Changes Background of list Chats in One UI.
  • Status Bar:- Changes color of Status BAr on every screen
  • Navigation Bar:- Change color of navigation Bar on every screen

Style (Look And Feel):-

  • (Emoji Variant)
  • Old Whatsapp (IOS)
  • One
  • Facebook
  • Android O
  • System Emoji (Experimental)
  • Font:- Change Font Style For Whatsapp
  • Launcher Icons:-Choose your Favourite Launcher Icon
  • Notification Icon:-This is the icon that will appear in yours status bar

Hide Media Form Gallery:-

WhatsApp has added Media Visibility feature that allows you to hide downloaded videos and images from your gallery. If not, you will need to enable media visibility to bring the media forward before proceeding.

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Gifs

Backup And Restore:-

WhatsApp allows users to manually or automatically (periodically) backup their chat history to local or Google Cloud Drive. So that they can restore the data on the new phone. On HMS phones, the local backup function is available, but the Google Cloud Drive backup function does not work. landscape.

  • Backup Whatsapp Data
  • Restore Whatsapp Data


In this option of GB WhatsApp, you get many more things inside it which is a very good thing to stay connected with this WhatsApp. You must have been very happy to know about many interesting features, this is also one of these great features. There are many more options within this option, using which you can make your WhatsApp different and add a strong link to privacy.

  • Translate Option Settings:- Choose how the translation icon works. Server = No outside apps.
  • Default translation language:- Show All
  • Conversation Cards:- Every chat you open will become a card, can switch from Recents easily (Lollipop and above)
  • Disable Heads-Up Notification:-Disable Heads-Up Popup in Lollipop devices
  • Disable Badge counter:-Disables the messages counter on the icon in Home Screen/Launcher
  • Disable Audio playing Notificatification:- Remove the notification when playing voice notes/audio
  • Increase Forward limit:- Forward messages up to 250 chats!
  • Disable Swipe to exit conversation:- Prevents closing the conversation by swiping from left to right (Like Telegram)
  • Disable Image Share Limit:-Send more than 10 image files at

Home Screen

Along with changing the external things of WhatsApp, you can also make many changes on its home screen. In this option, you can make any changes from the header of WhatsApp to its status bar. In the list below we have given a lot of information about it, which you have to read and understand very carefully.

  • Home UI Style:- WhatsApp UI Stock
  • Stories Style:- STOCK
  • Enable Instagram:- -like Stories
  • Separate Chats/Groups:-The Status page will be replaced with Group chats, and “Instagram-like stories” will be forced.
  • Set My Name:- Set your name instead of WhatsApp in Home Screen
  • Disable Status under my name:- Removes your status line under your name in Main Screen
  • Show Camera Icon
  • Show Light/Night Mode
  • Ghost Mode
  • Show Airplane (DND) Mode:- Allows you to stop receiving, whatsapp messages, until turned off
  • Disable clicking on “WhatsApp”:- Clicking on “WhatsApp” in the header will not open Hidden chats
  • Tabs background color:-Change the background color for the Tabs in home screen
  • Page Title Text Color:-Change color of ‘CHATS’, ‘STATUS’, ‘CALLS’
  • Page Selected Title Text Color:- Change Selected color of ‘CHATS’, ‘STATUS’, ‘CALLS’
  • Selected Tab Underline Color
  • Unread message counter color:- Change the background color for the unread message counter/indicator
  • Unread counter text color:-Change the text color of the unread message counter

Chat Screen

Along with changing the home screen, you can also change your chat screen. You can change everything from placing your photo on the chat screen to its bubbles and ticks. You can see so many strong privacy and great features only in GB WhatsApp Pro. Check out the list below and get to know all the options on its chat screen.

  • Action Bar
  • Bubble And Ticks
  • Conversation Entry Style
  • More Options
  • Groups Admin Indicator
  • Confirm before sending a Sticker
  • New attachment picker UI
  • Hide date and name
  • Enable Proximity Sensor
  • disable Output Switching

Official WhatsApp V/S GB WhatsApp Pro

FeaturesGBWhatsApp ProOriginal WhatsApp
Theme Supported✅❌
Airplane Mode✅❌
Hide Online Status✅❌
Custom Fonts✅❌
Status Download✅❌
DND Mode✅❌
Security Lock✅❌
Freeze Last Seen✅❌
Icon Change✅❌
Fully Customize✅❌
Blank Message Sending✅❌
Auto Reply✅❌
Disable Forwarded Tag✅❌
Official Whatsapp V/S Gb Whatsapp Pro
Official Whatsapp V/S Gb Whatsapp Pro

How to Download and Install GB WhatsApp Pro?

We have told about some great features and privacy of GB WhatsApp Pro in the above paragraph. Now we are going to tell you about its download information. So that you know how and where you can download it. First of all, let us tell you that this is a third party app which you cannot download from any app like Play Store. You can download this app only from apps like Chrome browser. But if you do not know much about it then do not worry, we will give you complete information on how to download it. First of all, you can download this application from our website absolutely free of cost. All you need to do is follow the information given below and download WhatsApp.

  • First of all you have to click on the download button given above. Two applications have to be downloaded.
  • Once the application is downloaded, you have to go to the download section and tap on the file. Then you have to install it by clicking on the install button.
GB WhatsApp Pro
GB WhatsApp Pro
  • Before installing you have to enable unknown sources in your phone, only then you will be able to install this WhatsApp in your phone.
GB WhatsApp Install
GB WhatsApp Install
  • After the application is installed, you have to open it. Upon opening you will be asked to select your language. You have to choose your language.
GB WhatsApp Login
GB WhatsApp Login
  • After choosing the language, an option will open in front of you in which you will be asked to enter your number. After entering the number you will have to verify the OTP. After doing this, your WhatsApp is completely ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


In today’s article we have given you a lot of information about GB WhatsApp Pro. We hope that you would have liked all this information very much and would have been useful to you. GB WhatsApp Pro is a great app for those who want a more personalized and feature-rich WhatsApp experience. With so many features it is no wonder that millions of people around the world prefer this app over the original WhatsApp. And this WhatsApp has made everyone crazy with its amazing performance.

GB WhatsApp Pro Download is packed with extra features for your mobile phone compared to the standard WhatsApp version. It offers advanced customization and functionality to users but use this app with caution due to its privacy and security. Downloading apps from official sources are positive precautions to ensure the privacy and security of users. And rightly let us also tell you that you have to be very careful while using this app.

GB WhatsApp Pro